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The Island

The poem of the Ionian

Zakynthos is one of the seven Ionian Islands that adorn the Ionian Sea. It is located 8.5 nautical miles from Kefallonia and 9.5 nautical miles from Peloponnese, which makes it a very popular destination for sailing.

The third in size and Population Island of the Ionian, is also named Fior Di Levante (Flower of the East). Local flower perfumes, Venetian colors and the resident’s melodic accent are composing a destination gifted by nature and history. Famous Poets were born here, such as Andreas Kalvos and Dionysios Solomos, who composed Greece’s national anthem, worthy representatives of the Ionian poetic culture.

With unique natural beauty and contrasts, the Island has magnificent beaches with crystal clear and blue water, while isolated bays are spread like lace in the north-east part of the island are ideal for refuge and relaxation. Travelling to the noth and east side of the Island, one will notice the change of scenery, where the beaches give way to steep rock formations that look like statues ready to dive into the sea, like the famous Blue Caves.

Zakyntho’s flora is rich in coniferous forests, like pines but also many vine fields and centuries’ old olive groves that seem to narrate the history of this land. The olive oil that is produced here is of the highest quality, while other local products such as wine, citrus fruits, exceptional oil cheese, raisins and other local delicacies made of almond, sesame and honey can be found. The Island’s cuisine has many Italian influences that you will discover in local taverns and elegant restaurants which will enchant your tastes.

At the Villages of the North, which still preserve their original colors, the art of waving has been “resurrected” and you can find many hand crafted tapestries and clothing.
Zakynthos is also habituated by another special local, the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles, which is a protected species. The egg-laying grounds are situated mostly in the northern part of the island, at the strictly protected Lagana bay where every summer the sea turtles lay their eggs.

The Island’s geographical position is ideal for excursion in the near Islands, such as Kefallonia and Ithaca but also in Peloponnese, Ancient Olympia –the homeland of Olympic Games. Patras, an important town and port connected to Italy is also near and Athens is 300km away.